#what gets me every time is how bucky doesn’t hesitate #he’s been tortured and could barely walk a few minutes prior #the building around him is exploding all over the place and will be gone in a few minutes #but the minute steve tells him to go he doesn’t hesitate on his response #because he doesn’t care about any of that#he just got steve back and if he left he wouldn’t have steve anymore #and why would bucky ever want to be in a world without steve #steve is his world #steve is his best friend his brother his home and the only thing that has ever truly mattered to him #if he doesn’t have steve than it’s like he’s already dead #he’d rather die with steve than be without him#a few minutes ago the only thing he had was his name rank and serial number #but he’d gladly die with steve than be alone #he’d die protecting steve just like he had done his whole life #so that’s it #he’s not leaving without steve #and he doesn’t hesitate


Yoooooo book nerds

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JAKE BASS photographed by Daniel Moss for GAYLETTER

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One son who doesn’t want the throne, and another who wanted it too much.


He looks more like a stripper dressed as a cop than an actual cop.

Thor Week - Day Seven: Thor as a leader and/or king


Everything about this scene is awesome. The hiking. The jacuzzi. The fire. The next morning. Darius’s sexy accent. Everything. It’s like this one was made for me! ;)

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